Chess At Three

Chess At Three

Enrichment Centre

Founded in 2012, Chess at Three is New York City's premier chess club for kids. Chess at Three has more than 200 tutors, taught more than 10,000 individual students, and worked with more than 400 school partners, including The Washington Market School, and The Goddard School. Chess at Three is thrilled to bring two of their most popular classes to Singapore : Chess at Three, and Birchguard Quest. For ages 3+.

Chess at Three classes can get kids playing and loving chess through storytelling, starting at the surprising age of 3. Their fun, engaging, stories will transport you to the imaginative world of Chesslandia. 

Birchguard Quest is a collaborative role-playing game that sends children on an epic journey through the fantastical realm of Arborheim. Led by an expert tutor, players create original characters, solve puzzles, complete missions, and vanquish opponents as a team. For ages 5+.

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